The Women’s Medical Cannabis Handbook: Menstruation to Menopause

Did you know Queen Victoria smoked cannabis to treat the discomfort of her periods? Women may benefit from cannabis at several life phases, including menstruation and menopause. Here’s how to incorporate medical marijuana into your way of life to satisfy your unique wellness requirements.


period cramps or pain

On the first day of your period, you might wish to take a THC supplement if you have pain during your period. Oils and edibles provide long-lasting comfort for six to eight hours. Painful cramps may be lessened by applying transdermal patches to the lower abdomen. For cramping, THC-infused tampons or vaginal suppositories may be utilized.

To start the day off well, mix some cannabis oil into your coffee or tea in the morning.



Women with endometriosis that had been surgically proven participated in an Australian trial where they reported significant pain relief with the greatest improvements in sleep, nausea, and vomiting.


PMS, mood swings, and migraines

Additionally, migraines & PMS-related mood swings may be helped by medical marijuana. According to one research, cannabis consumption reduced the symptoms of 94% of participants’ migraines within two hours.



Some women experience the side symptoms of menopause, including night sweats, hot flashes, dry vaginal skin, sleeplessness, and mood swings.

Nighttime sweats and hot flashes

THC can make you feel less hot while you’re having hot flashes. Under the tongue, tinctures begin to operate within 15 to 20 minutes and continue to function for two to four hours. Cannabis oil can also be smoked or vaped if you need immediate relief.


As with any drug, individual responses may vary. To determine which items suit your body the best, you might need to test out a few different options first. Before using cannabis to treat your symptoms, speak with one of Marijuana Doctor’s state-licensed medical professionals.

The Women’s Medical Cannabis Handbook: Menstruation to Menopause

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