The best varieties of White Widow

White Widow, aka “White Widow”, or simply WW, is perhaps the most famous and sought-after cannabis strain today. Many companies are constantly working to improve it by releasing fully feminized seeds of the strain, crossing it with other legendary strains, and creating powerful autoflowering seeds. We can safely say that White Widow is not just marijuana, but a cultural phenomenon in the world of cannabis and one of the best breeding achievements.

According to the most popular version, the “White Widow” was born in 1994 and a year later the strain won first prize at the High Times Cannabis Cup. At the present time, the details of creating a hybrid are overgrown with many legends and myths that cause a lot of controversy among growers and representatives of seed banks.

First of all, you need to understand the following, the beginning of the 90s, this is the time when seed banks appeared like mushrooms after a rain, and at the head of each of them were people who were familiar with each other and who were part of one big “get-together”. One fact is beyond doubt – the first White Widow marijuana was created within the walls of Green House Seeds …

It all started with a trip to India by one of the founders of Green House Seeds, Shantibaba, where he met a local grower who was growing a very potent and resinous Indica hybrid. The seeds of this hybrid went to Europe, where they were later crossed with pure South American Sativa. Interestingly, the exact details of the breeding of cannabis White Widow and the names of the cultivar’s parents have never been released to the general public.

Subsequently, Shantibaba sold his stake in GHS to Aryan and created his own seed bank Mr Nice Seeds … where he took the original WW recipe. In addition, the White Widow seeds were sold to Nirvana seeds and Dutch Passion (on the personal initiative of Shantibaba), who set about their own production of a hybrid with such an unusual and complex fate … Among those who took part in the hybridization of the first Widow was one named Ingemar, who claims to be personally the creator of the legendary variety. According to his version, the strain was obtained quite by accident back in 1987 and was then called Arnhem’s Wonder (winner of the High Life cup in 1989 and 1992). Aryan bought the rights to Arnhem’s Wonder for GHS and renamed the strain White Widow … In this case, all the beautiful stories about travel to India are just speculation and a beautiful legend. However, Ingemar also did not stay in the ranks of GHS and took an active part in the creation of another sufficiently well-known bank – DeSjamaan seeds.

In the end, the truth remains unknown, and White Widow cannabis seeds are present in the catalogs of every famous seed bank. Every year, more and more versions of the creation of the strain appear, and seed producers are trying to appropriate this achievement for themselves, and with it the title of distributors of the original version of the “White Widow”, of course! After all, this is a great PR move and the best advertising possible! For whom the honorary title of the creator of the legendary hybrid should be secured is up to you, and we will tell you about the most famous representatives of this family and tell you about their fundamental differences:

White Widow marijuana by Green House Seeds

Perhaps these are the very original White Widow seeds from which the 1995 HTCC champion plant was obtained. Or maybe not, but in any case, this is one of the best versions of WW. The hybrid is generous in resin and not difficult to grow, using the SCROG and LST methods is encouraged, but SOG will be less effective. White Widow seeds from Green House Seeds show excellent yields. The THC level is 18.75%. The effect, as it should be for “Widow”, is balanced and provides excellent bodily and psycho-emotional sensations.

Naturally, not everyone has the opportunity to grow a photoperiod variety. Bank Green House Seeds took care of its clients and presented them with auto White Widow grains. The autoflowering version has a shorter flowering period and immunity, which makes it more effective against infections and fungi. Growing is noticeably easier, and the resistance to stress is higher.

Dutch Passion White Widow cannabis seeds

Dutch Passion seeds offer regular and feminized White Widow seeds. Despite the fact that this bank does not claim the honorary title of “creator” of the popular strain, this “Widow” is one of the best and most respected among cannabis growers. Years of work on the hybrid were not in vain – White Widow DP marijuana seeds have the ability to germinate even in the most untrained and inexperienced hands, this is perhaps the best variation for beginners. The percentage of Indica is slightly higher than that of other WWs, making it noticeably easier to grow. The impact was not affected. The THC level is 18.9%. The flowering period is only 55 days, but the yield is slightly lower than that of competitors.

White Widow auto fem DP seeds in the future will become compact plants that bloom quickly and grow without close attention from the grower. A great option for a beginner who wants to grow a well-known variety, but is not confident in his abilities. The taste is still spicy, and the aroma is fresh and sweet. Using a small amount of natural fertilizers will significantly increase yields. The effect is more bodily than cerebral.

White Widow fem and auto White Widow Pyramid Seeds

Although the Pyramid Seeds company began to produce cannabis seeds “White Widow” and a little later than others, this did not affect their quality in any way, on the contrary, many growers consider this particular “Widow” to deserve the title of “Miss Universe”. White Widow Pyramid Seeds grows into a fairly tall plant. The ratio of Indica to Sativa is equal, 50% to 50%. Consequently, the impact is a golden mean between “stone” and “high”. The THC level is 21%.

100% feminized Auto White Widow Pyramid Seeds produce a known strain in no time with minimal effort. The plant will forgive interruptions in watering and nutrition, and the harvest will be tasty and aromatic. The THC level is quite good for an auto technician – 16%.

Cannabis variety White Widow Dinafem seeds

White Widow Dinafem hemp seeds are great for indoor and outdoor cultivation. The yield is average, but the resinousness and aroma of the inflorescences make you close your eyes to it. This is a real snowfall on the territory of a single plant. One of the most aesthetically beautiful and sophisticated varieties of White Widow marijuana. Among the disadvantages, it is worth mentioning the tendency to suffer from mold attacks, so watering should be taken with the utmost seriousness. The smell during flowering is very pungent, powerful filters will be needed. White Widow feminized has a pleasant citrus flavor and woody aroma. The effect is mixed, we can say that this is a ticket to the Cosmos, where weightlessness reigns and the secrets of the universe are revealed.

White Widow Autoflowering Dinafem Seeds are a small masterpiece for lazy people. Well, or vice versa for the busiest. These seeds will grow “by themselves”, not noticing the owner’s oversights. Sometimes, one gets the feeling that a simple program was put into this plant – “Survive”. The hybrid is perfect for growing in regions with short summers. In addition to the White Widow genes themselves, Dinafem Seeds breeders used the Critical + Autoflowering material.

Description of White Widow by Nirvana seeds

The Nirvana company was one of the first to have the opportunity to produce its own cannabis strain White Widow and went its own way, creating a unique version of the legendary strain with a number of uncharacteristic features:

The impact is more sativa, there is an increase in concentration and clarity of consciousness;
Average yield, somewhere between GHS and DP;
The cultivation process is more difficult, but the final product is more aromatic and tastier;
THC levels can be as high as 24%, which is one of the best metrics in the White Widow.
The plant itself has a typical indica structure with a powerful center cola. The buds are large and very heavy, which may require additional support. Unique therapeutic properties allow this White Widow cannabis to be used in the fight against neuroses and depression.

We may never know the truth about the history of the creation of White Widow marijuana, but one thing is for sure, “White Widow” is always a hemp of the highest category, which has unique characteristics that make it unlike any other variety. Each seed bank offers something unique and inimitable, which is better, it’s up to you!

The best varieties of White Widow

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