Main Lining – what is it?

Main lining is a way of training plants, which allows you to form bushes of the correct symmetrical shape and increase yields.

The meaning of main-ling is to carry out a certain sequence of manipulations with the hemp bush during cultivation. Main lining can be used equally well for indoor and outdoor use.

With normal growth

With the usual growth of t

he bush, each of its shoots is located on the stem at different heights from the ground. Accordingly, all shoots receive nutrients from the roots differently. As a result, cannabis inflorescences have different shapes and sizes.

What Happens With Main Lining
By creating the branching of the stem, the grower achieves symmetrical formation of an equal number of stakes on each side of the bush. Each cola is at an equal distance from the root system, so they receive the same amount of nutrients from the roots, reaching the same height and having the same shape. The bushes are fluffy, and the resinous buds are really huge.

Sequence of steps

Step 1. You need to start main lining when lateral shoots from 5-6 internodes appear on the stem. You can, of course, start later, as long as the plant is still in the growing season.

Step 2. You need to cut off everything that is above the third internode. Remove shoots except for the third pair of leaves.

Step 3. Using spacers or rubber bands, you need to very carefully bend the third pair of leaves as low as possible to the ground and fix in this position.

Step 4. Wait a little until the plant gives new shoots from the resulting symmetrically bifurcated stem.

Step 5. Pruning the stem again on each of the new stakes. You need to choose one symmetrical shoot on each side and cut off everything above and below. The selected shoots should serve as the basis for the development of new pairs of symmetrical stakes.

Step 6. This step is optional, but it will help make the formation of the bushes even easier. You need to take a metal retainer ring (sold in a regular gardening store) and tie symmetrical shoots to it. As the stalk develops, the position of the garters can be changed to obtain the desired stake position. It is very convenient to do this on the retaining ring.

After the beautiful symmetrical colas are formed, you can remove the garters and enjoy the process of growing fluffy even bushes.

Main lining benefits
The seedlings fully realize their yield potential. Indoors, under equal lighting conditions, the productivity of the bushes increases compared to normal growth.
Shrub training is carried out at an early stage of plant development (the first few weeks). Then you can relax and enjoy the result.
The bush will have several large stakes of the same size.
The crop will consist of buds that are uniform in shape and size. This greatly simplifies the drying process.
The seedlings will not form micro-buds that only pull in nutrients, but do not have time to increase in size.
Outdoors, the main line allows you to more conveniently control the plants during the flowering stage. They become more stocky, the risk of decay is reduced.
This technique is very good for controlling bush growth in small grow boxes.
Main lining does not require special tweaks and special expensive equipment. With just a few simple manipulations at the stage of active growth of the plants, the grower will receive impressive bushes that will delight the eye and bring a bountiful harvest.

Main Lining – what is it?

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