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Appearance, yield and pace of development are far from the only differences between Indica and Sativa cannabis. In many ways, the effect of one or another variety is more important. And in this article we will look at the Indica effect, the so-called stone, as well as several varieties that have a particularly strong effect. Let’s get started! More:

Stone effect – what is it?
If the hi-effect is cheerfulness, euphoria, energy, then stone is its actual opposite. In short, in a nutshell it is calmness and immobility. Naturally, the strength of different varieties is different. Plus, you need to make allowances for the physiological characteristics of each person. But the stone effect cannot be confused with anything.

Indica exposure is characterized by a strong sedative effect. In this case, the body completely relaxes, numbness in the limbs may be observed. Indicator induces drowsiness, can act as a powerful sleeping pill. Brain activity is noticeably dulled, like other body functions. Emotions are also smoothed out. The stone effect is able to “nail” a person to the bed for a long time. Often times, the stone comes from the high effect. Such a transition is observed quite often. This is a feeling of complete harmony, calmness and carelessness. But this is with regard to the psychoactive effect.

Indica also has a powerful sedative effect, which is why it is often used for medicinal purposes. Main effects:

Decreased pain;
Fighting depression;
Improved appetite;
Relief from chronic insomnia or fatigue.
In medical practice, Indica is considered precisely due to its strong sedative effect, and not psychoactive. The opposite is often the case among growers.

It is important to understand that today there are practically no pure indicas. Almost all varieties contain Sativa genes. Accordingly, it is impossible to attribute only the stone effect to Indica. An invigorating high may well be observed. Not as active and overt as Sativa, but still it can be. As a rule, it quickly goes to the same stone.

Of course, the stone effect (like the high) does not come immediately, but after the first stage – euphoria or buzz. The situations in which the stone effect is preferable can be different. But in most cases, this is the best option to relax after a hard and busy day, rest, fall asleep quickly and sleep soundly all night. This is not to say that a stone or a high is better. They are just different. How different are the varieties of Indica and Sativa themselves. It’s a matter of taste, personal preference and specific situation.

As mentioned, the strength of the stone effect can be very different depending on the variety of cannabis. One variety causes only slight relaxation and tranquility, while the other completely turns off the whole body. Therefore, we offer several truly powerful varieties that demonstrate a real, powerful and long lasting stone effect.

5 examples of really strong stone-effect strains

The K-Train cultivar is a feminized hybrid with a significant predominance of Indica in the genetic code. It has well-developed branches. The main distinguishing feature is the exponentially high level of THC – over 22%. Thanks to this, the variety has a strong stone effect. The taste is sweet, with hints of earthiness and musk. The general sedative effect is practically not observed, but the psychoactive one is more than. Long lasting, powerful and sharp.

Cannabis Seeds 8 Ball Kush, a descendant of the classic Afghan Indica. It has a THC level of 20%, the classic “Kush” aroma, is distinguished by its unpretentiousness to growing conditions and vitality. The bushes grow rather low – up to 80 cm, and from a square meter indoors you can harvest from 500 grams of harvest. The taste is very close to sweet musk. The effect is relaxing and euphoric. It makes you lie on the couch for a long time and reflect on deep topics.

A low (about a meter) variety Motavation with excellent yield and strong effect, which grows from a bright high into a long and powerful stone. In 2005 he won first place in the ICMag growers cup. It has a pronounced sweet fruity taste with hints of turpentine and paint. Helps get rid of severe and obsessive pain, increases appetite, normalizes sleep and fights chronic fatigue.

The Super OG Kush hybrid has a high THC rate of 20%. The effect is characterized by its softness and persistence. Promotes strong and long-lasting relaxation. Perfectly helps to restore strength. It blooms in just 55-65 days and has a colossal yield for an indica variety – up to 1200 grams per plant outdoors and up to 600 grams per square meter indoors.

DP Mazar is one of the truly masterpiece varieties of the Dutch seed bank. It has a mild spicy sweet taste and aroma. In 1999 he took first place in Amsterdam in the High Times Cannabis Cup nomination. Other awards followed. An important feature is the fact that it is pure Indica. This means that the effect is also as pure as possible. Mazar perfectly improves mood, calms, relaxes, promotes moral and physical peace.

We have presented several varieties that have a really powerful stone effect. In fact, there are an order of magnitude more of them. In general, if a grower is looking for varieties with a similar effect, the first thing to look for is indica hybrids. And the higher the percentage of indica in the genetic code, the higher the likelihood of a powerful stone effect. Also, attention should be paid to the level of THC and CBD. We also emphasize that the strength and duration of the effect largely depends on the person himself. In some, euphoria flows into a stone faster, in others more slowly. It may be that instead of a stone, high prevails, but this is a rarity. In any case, you need to be ready for total and long-term relaxation, sound and sound sleep. This is how Indica and varieties based on it work.

Indica effect

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