Creating feminized cannabis varieties

Feminized cannabis varieties and rhode island medical card are very popular with growers today. By planting such seeds, growers in 97-99% of cases will get female plants with an aromatic and powerful crop. Choosing femkees means saving time, because growers won’t have to expend their energy growing male bushes, which will have to be removed by the time they start flowering.

Today’s cidbanks offer many different femokas to choose from and are constantly working to improve them. In this article, we will tell you how feminized cannabis varieties are created and if amateur growers can make such varieties.

What is the essence of the feminization process?

Feminized seeds are the offspring of a cross between two female plants. To do this, it is necessary to artificially force the “girl” to produce pollen sacs. Following the algorithm described below, any grower with even a little experience in growing cannabis will be able to obtain feminized seeds.

Step 1: Let’s get male flowers on a “girl”.
There are two different ways to get male flowers with pollen on a female bush:

Chemical way. This is the method of feminization used by professional breeders of modern cidbanks. To obtain male inflorescences on the female bush, it is necessary to spray the selected branch of the “girl” with colloidal silver for two weeks. This should be done after transferring to flowering marijuana.

Natural way. In this case, we are talking about the emergence of cannabis hermaphrodites – bushes with female and male sexual characteristics. You don’t need to spray them with colloidal silver to get these plants. They appear on their own after suffering stress as a result of grower mistakes and unfavorable growing conditions. Such plants cannot be used to create femocs, because in this case there is a high probability that the same hermaphrodites will grow from the offspring. This means that the growers will not get the desired crop, and all their efforts will be in vain.

Detailed instructions: how to make a “girl” to form male flowers according to the rules:

Switch the plant to a light regime of 12/12, stimulating the beginning of flowering.
Buy a solution of colloidal silver, which is a suspension of microparticles of silver in water. The concentration of silver should be at least 30 ppm.
Spray the same branch of the plant once a day until male “bananas” begin to form on it. This usually happens after 10-14 days, but it may take longer – depending on the variety. It’s important to remember that you can’t harvest and use the crop from areas of hemp that have been exposed to colloidal silver! So either carefully cover the other branches of the female bush when spraying, or make the whole bush completely male to minimize the risks.
You have to wait until the flowers are fully mature. Determining the moment of maturity is not difficult – the male inflorescences are swollen and small cracks may appear on the surface.
Step 2: Collecting and properly storing male pollen

Male cannabis inflorescences need to be collected very carefully so they don’t burst and scatter precious pollen.
Once harvested, experienced growers recommend keeping the inflorescences in a cool, dry place for a week.
After drying, the male flowers are placed in a ziploc bag with an airtight closure. To release the pollen, you need to gently press them and shake the bag well so that the pollen is released.
You can store such pollen for up to a year in the freezer, without allowing it to get wet. A good way is to mix the pollen with flour in the proportion 1:1. The flour will absorb all the extra moisture.
Step 3: Pollinating the female bushes
The next step in making femokas is to pollinate another female plant.

You need to wait until 2-3 weeks have passed since the beginning of the flowering of the “girl”.
Take the prepared pollen and using a brush gently apply it to the forming female buds. You can carefully apply pollen to only one branch of the shrub to get sensimilla from the other inflorescences.
The pollinated inflorescences stop producing resin and begin the seed ripening process.
By the time the seeds have ripened to their full potential, the non-pollinated racemes have already been cut away and the branch will be left proud and alone. The seeds should be allowed to ripen properly until the buds begin to crack.
The collected feminized seeds can be stored for up to two years in the right conditions.
How do you get high quality femkes?
In order to create feminized cannabis seeds of high quality, you need to be careful in the selection of parent plants. Professional breeders who select new feminized varieties select viable plants for their experiments that are not prone to produce hermaphrodites. For this purpose, potential parents are tested for the reaction to stress factors – if they persistently endure all the tests and do not turn into germs, then they are likely to produce homogeneous stable females.

Creating feminized cannabis varieties

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