5 popular varieties from Eva Seeds

The products of Spanish cid-bank Eva Seeds are exclusively for patient growers who are willing to take care of the plants for a long period of time. Producing exclusively feminized varieties with excellent crop quality, this cid-bank has found many fans all over the globe.

Here are five of the company’s popular strains that are in particular demand including as part of obtaining medical marijuanas card ct https://dr-weedy.com/connecticut/.

Positive Sun Energy

The hybrid strain Jamaican Dream really lives up to its name. Always ready to give the grower positive energy from the sun and the land of a warm island, it awakens creativity, inspires action, brings positive feelings and makes you feel at peace. You get the impression of a warm Jamaican sea splashing outside the window, palm trees, sun and warm sand. It is perfect for daytime use. It has won first and second place 7 times at various “cannabis” festivals. In the outdoors, the plants can grow up to 2 meters tall and yield 500-1000 g per bush. The dried, ripe buds have a pleasant, sweet taste and aromatic qualities.

The power of pure sativa

One of the most popular pure Sativa strains among lovers is High Level. This is a feminized hybrid from Lesotho and Skunk Haze strains. It is defined by its vigorous growth and voluminous, resinous inflorescences, which give off a rich, sweet, fruity scent when blooming. The sweet flavor combines notes of fruit and spice. The finished product brings a very powerful high, which will not allow the grower to sit still. The mind overflows with a mass of new and interesting ideas, which will want to implement immediately. Externally, plants of the strain are characterized by thin stems, elongated leaves, strong branching and elongated inflorescences. They grow 1.8-2.5 m tall in the outdoors and 80-100 cm in the indoors.

A frighteningly large crop of voluminous cones

The Monster variety was released by the Cid-bank breeders especially for growers who want impressive yields of big quality buds with a minimum of effort. To create it, the breeders crossed the high-yield G13 Hash Plant strain with a specially prepared South American hybrid. Genetic code of the plant consists of 80% sativa genes and the rest 20% are indica genes. It is easy to care for, and requires only a small amount of fertilizer to reach its full potential. The dried cones have a rich woody aroma with hints of spice. They bring an uplifting sativa effect that invigorates the body and stimulates the brain. You will definitely not get bored with it.

Sweet relaxing poison

Thanks to this strain, any grower will feel the effects of sweet poison. The name of the strain means poison in Spanish. It is worth it, because the lethal effect can paralyze and immobilize a grower for a long time. The genetics of Veneno is 85% indica and 15% sativa. That’s why a powerful stone effect dominates the effect. Plants of the strain are abundantly fruiting. They produce resinous inflorescences of unprecedented resinous consistency, which stick to the hands. The cones have a pleasant, sweet strawberry aroma with distinct hints of spice and wood. To realize its potential, it will need plenty of nutrition.

All the power of nature in one plant

For the THC-tolerant grower, EVA Seeds has created TNT Kush as a pure indica strain. Its THC content is off the charts. It brings a mind blowing, long lasting relaxation effect that knocks you right out of your mind. It’s as if the world ceases to exist. As one plunges into a pleasant, calming oblivion, one’s thoughts drift away to the infinite expanse of the universe, where harmony and love reign. The strain is used as a medicinal marijuana for the relief of pain. Because of its positive qualities and killer effect, it has won first place 5 times at various “cannabis” festivals.

5 popular varieties from Eva Seeds

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